Intech was founded in 2002 by Antonio Hernandez and Jorge Sala. Prior to starting Intech, Antonio and Jorge were Directors in Ericsson’s Center for Adaptation of Intelligent Networks, Latin America. The Center was responsible for developing customized services and features on Ericsson standard platforms for clients throughout the Latin America region. Ericsson closed the Center in 2002 during the Telecom Industry retrenchment due to the Internet Bubble. It was at this time that Antonio and Jorge decided to start Intech.

From the beginning Intech was envisioned as a research and development company for solutions in telecommunications. The objective was to become one of the leading intelligent networks solutions providers in the world. Intech understood there was still a significant need in the market for customized solutions and specialized development. There was also a significant amount of technical talent in the Saltillo area that could address these needs.

It was apparent very early on that Intech was providing services that were still in strong demand. Within its first two years of existence Intech had signed agreements with a number major providers. A few examples are:

  • Telefonica de Guatemala for customized VPN, 800 and 900 applications.
  • Numerous agreements with Telmex for 3G applications, TSP and OSA/Parlay applications and training, and IMS SIP applications.
  • Numerous agreements with Ericsson Global Business Units. Agreements were reached with Intelligent Network Product design for Ericsson Netherlands, development, installation and integration of 2G and 3G applications for Ericsson Mexico, and development of a mobile cashless application for Ericsson USA.

In 2005 Intech decided to use its talents and skills to release a suite of products that were made available to the commercial markets. These products focused on the emerging field of IP communications. Services included Net PBX, Net Centrex, IP Class 5 services and Voice Media Server capabilities. There have been over 50 installations of these services since their introduction. Telmex and Millicom de Guatemala both use IP Centrex and Voice Media Server as their commercial platforms.

Intech’s Professional Services Organization was established in 2006. The focus of the Professional Services Organization is to provide highly qualified and skilled technical resources to Intech’s partners on a project basis. Intech currently provides JNETX-Amdocs with Customer Service and 3rd Level Support via the Professional Services organization. Since 2010 Intech’s Professional Services Organization has provided all pre-sales, deployment, installation and integration and customer support for all Broadsoft installations in Latin, Central and South America. Most recently Intech was chosen to be the official supplier of Oracle Latin America for OSS/BSS professional services.

In 2013, to further support Intech’s goal of being one of the leading providers of IT and Telecommunications technology solutions, Intech moved its Headquarters to Dallas Tx. The move to Dallas will allow Intech to offer high quality, leading edge and cost-effective solutions to the US market. Intech’s Service Delivery Center will remain in Saltillo, Coahuila ,Mexico which has proven to be an outstanding area for obtaining highly skilled and trained technical staff.

Moving forward Intech looks to bring their unique ability to deliver customized IT/Telecommunication solutions to the US market. Intech plans to remain strong in their existing global markets. In addition, Intech will continue to develop our Advanced Service product line to deliver solutions to the commercial market place.