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Intech Managed Software Development Services (IMSDS)

IMSDS has been created through our belief that “There is a Better Way” to deliver offshore/nearshore outsourced software Development.

Intech Managed Software Development Services (IMSDS) has been created through our belief that “There is a Better Way” to deliver offshore/Nearshore outsourced software Development. Intech’s IMSDS methodology has been designed in a unique way to address the shortcomings of the Software Development model used by others. IMSDS delivers high quality products on-time and on-budget. This means there are no more significant cost overruns. We provide each client with a dedicated team and expect our client to be deeply engaged in the project and the deliverables of the team.

Our Service Delivery Center is located in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico which is located in the Central Time Zone. No longer you will need to work with teams that are half a world away. The key difference in Intech’s approach is the concept of providing a “Managed Service”.

Over the past few years, the term “Managed” has become a commonly used term in the IT industry. There are providers who offer “Managed” Infrastructure. Cloud services and applications can be considered another form of a “Managed” service. Other firms are focused on the service side of the business where they offer outsourced Managed IT support and help desk. Regardless of what component or area of IT is being managed there are three key factors that a “Managed” service should provide:

  • Expertise, The managed provider is responsible to provide a knowledgeable and trained staff with expertise that the client would not normally maintain as part of their core business function. The managed provider is required to maintain the expertise as a client’s needs change and technology advances.
  • A Defined and Fixed Cost Model, The managed providers do not offer services for an hourly rate where cost can vary widely over the course of a project. They offer a service at a fixed price. This creates a win/win scenario for both companies. The client receives a defined deliverable for a fixed price. The service provider is incented to deliver that deliverable in the most efficient manner possible as they can no longer charge for hours over the original estimate.
  • Partnership, For a managed service to succeed there must be a strong partnership formed between the client and the provider. The providers need to maintain frequent contact with their clients.

Intech has taken the managed service concept into the area of IT Development with our IMSDS. It was developed with the three core managed service concepts defined above. Intech provides our clients with a team of resources that have all the expertise required for a full cycle IT development project. We do this at a defined and fixed cost. Using the Agile Scrum development methodology, a strong partnership is established with the client. This allows for the delivery of what the client wants, when they want it and at the cost that was established at the beginning of the project. It also allows for greater flexibility in requirements defined throughout the development life cycle. Learn more about how The Agile Scrum process combined with Intech’s Competence Management philosophy makes IMSDS a truly unique methodology and the solution you need today for your IT development requirements. Contact us now to learn more about IMSDS and how to get started with Intech. Intech- Empowering Clients.

Intech takes great pride in being an organization committed to and driven by our processes. We believe this allows us to provide our clients with a high level of reliability, adaptability, responsiveness and predictability. It allows Intech to continual improve on our performance and deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

Nearshore Services Model

Intech´s development process, called Intech Managed Software Delivery Services (IMSDS), goes beyond a simple software factory or outsourcing process. Our process is a robust service providing our customers the confidence of having a reliable and quality product delivered.

Our IMSDS process is founded in two layers.

The first layer of the IMSDS model is the Technical later which is composed of the following:

Processes & Tools

  • Certified and proven Agile Development processes that allow Intech to work in a structured, ordered and predictable way, delivering high quality products.
  • A set of tools to automate the processes as much as possible, making the development process agile and reliable.

Competent Team

  • Creation of a dedicated customer focused team with the required skills
  • Team members with an average of more than 10 years experience in Software Engineering
  • Core multidisciplinary team with an average of more than 16 years experience
  • Management Team with more than 18 years experience in the SW Development industry
  • Intech’s unique Competence Management Model allows Intech to reduce the learning curve and become productive in a new technology.


  • Ample communications infrastructure to enable working remotely, therefore lowering costs
  • Testing tools and simulated environments for the various testing phases

The second layer of the IMSDS model is the Management layer

As important as the first layer is, in the second layer Intech provides a Management layer. The Management layer is designed to ensure the project deliverables remain in compliance with time, quality and cost commitments. These deliverables are defined in the Service Level Agreements (SLA) which Intech defines with each client.

This layer includes the following services:

Project Management

  • PMI Certified Project Managers leading and managing the efforts of the team
  • Daily Scrum meetings to understand daily progress against defined deliverables
  • Burn Down charts provided to the client on a daily basis to provide insight into remaining deliverables

Configuration Management

  • Quality Management
  • Measurement and Analysis

One of the most significant processes Intech uses within the IMSDS model is the Agile Scrum software development methodology. Agile is a well defined fast-paced methodology used for planning and delivering software releases. Agile software development depends on small, rapid product development lifecycles that produce software with full features every one to four weeks. The software is delivered to and tested by a client team.

Intech has also fully integrated Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) into our business model and into everything we do. CMMI is designed to help integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, provide guidance for quality processes, and provide a point of reference for appraising current processes. By instituting CMMI in everything we do, Intech is able to continually improve the way we work internally and with our clients. This allows us to become more efficient and deliver our services in a more cost effective manner. We are actively working towards achieving Level 4.

At Intech we believe our certification and mastery in the Agile Scrum process is one of key differentiators in working with us. What really sets us apart from other offshore/Nearshore development companies is that we also incorporate the CMMI continual process improvement program within IMSDS. This powerful combination of process tools allows Intech to deliver superior, high quality results with significant saving to our clients. We would be honored to be able to meet with you to discuss our processes in greater detail and how it can solve the problems with your current outsourced development solution.

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Intech’s development methodology, Intech Managed Software Development Services (IMSDS), is composed of 4 phases. These 4 phases are used in all IMSDS projects regardless of the size or scope. The 4 phases are shown in the figure below:

  • Establishment Phase
    • Objective:
      Intech’s development methodology, Intech Managed Software Development Services (IMSDS), is composed of 4 phases. These 4 phases are used in all IMSDS projects regardless of the size or scope. The 4 phases are shown in the figure below:
      Expected Results:
      • Project Established
      • Human Resources allocated
      • Working environment up and running
      • Teams ready to start the execution
  • Inception Phase
    • Objective:
      This phase occurs during the first 2 to 4 development iterations. In this phase Intech consolidates the team competences and way of working. Also, this phase the communication mechanisms are established. The most critical step of this phase is to define a performance baseline. This baseline which will be used as a reference to measure the team performance during the rest of the project.
      Expected Results:
      • Requirements delivered as committed, in time and quality
      • Performance Indicators measured and tracked
      • Individual and Team performance evaluated
      • Team’s competences fulfilled.
      • Team’s velocity stabilizes.
      • Transparency and Visibility of project and product’s status
  • Sustainable Teams Phase
    • Objective:
      This phase begins after the 4th to 6th iterations. The objective in this phase is to consolidate the teams’ performance, productivity, independence, predictability and sustainability.
      Expected Results:
      • Time to Market improved
      • Velocity reaches a constant level, thus, more predictable and reliable teams
      • Predictability >=90%
      • Team's scalability
      • Turn over immunity
  • Maturity and Continuous Improvement Phase
    • Objective:
      The purpose of this phase is to increase both, productivity and the Customer assets through continuous improvement and innovation.
      Expected Results:
      • Productivity improved
      • Velocity increased
      • Consistently high Performance
      • Reusable components identified and institutionalized
      • Process and product improvement
      • Innovation and patent opportunities identified

Clients are demanding predictability and zero surprises on deliverables. The IMSDS model allows Intech to have predictable and sustainable performance of the development teams.

Generally when a new team is incorporated in a project, Intech targets having the team transition through the inception time and learning curve phases within 3 to 4 iterations. Intech’s goal is to make the teams become stable, predictable and reach an expected level of productivity as quickly as possible.

The graph below represents the expected behavior.

Team Graph

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Our IMSDS model covers the following software development phases:

  • Requirements Management
  • Analysis & Design
  • Coding
  • Integration
  • Function Test
  • E2E Test
  • System Test
  • Performance Test
  • Maintenance
  • Deployment
  • Management

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Each team´s performance in our IMSDS model is individually monitored per iteration according to the following indicators (KPIs):

Indicator Description Method/Source Frequency
Predictability Accuracy on agreed delivery dates Project Manager / Customer Every delivery according to the release plan
Quality Fault density on Acceptance Test and Beyond Bug tracking system Monthly
Customer Satisfaction Monthly Demo evaluation Every Iteration
Customer Adherence Is the relation between the planned work committed Vs. delivered per iteration Demo Outcome Every Iteration
Technical Debt The codes is validated against design rules that measure, as a percentage, such factors as documentation, ease of code modification and development practices. Code analysis Tools (i.e. Sonar) Every Iteration

There are more KPIs available, based on specific customer needs.

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Intech places a high premium on attracting, retaining and developing our IMSDS team members. A company can provide the right service model that uses defined processes and still not succeed if it does not have a technically elite staff to produce the results.

To ensure that Intech always has the required team members with the appropriate skills we have developed our own Competence Management Model. This Model is operated by our dedicated Competence Development Manager. The Model focuses on short, mid and long term needs. Short term needs would be a skill needed for a particular project. Mid-term needs are defined as skills needed for a team member’s career path development. Long term needs focuses on developing people to obtain skills that are in line with Intech’s strategic direction.

The focus and objectives of the Competence Management Plan are:

  • To empower the teams providing services with the required competences ON TIME
  • Reduce impact of people turnover
  • Incorporates three critical areas: Methods and Tools (i.e. Agile Methodology), Soft Skills (i.e. teamwork) and Technical Skills
  • Perform gap analysis and create gap resolution plan
  • Execute and evaluate performance against the gap resolution plan
  • Incorporate competence development into each team members evaluation plan

As a leader in the Software Development and IT industry, Intech’s Service Delivery Center in Saltillo is always looking to hire and develop new technologically talented individuals. To foster the development of new talent, Intech has established relationships with a number of Universities in the area.

Currently, Intech has Agreements with four of the most important Universities in the region and Mexico: Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo, Instituto Tecnológico de la Región Carbonífera and Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila.

Close relationships with these universities has been the main recruiting source for our “New Talent Development Program”. The program is designed for the early identification and development of outstanding students for their later incorporation to our staff. These relationships have allowed Intech to work with the schools on the development of innovation projects and to provide for the continuous development of our employees by means of training and post-degree studies.

The implementation of a systematic Competence Development strategy, integrated with our Performance evaluation methodology provides Intech the ability to respond proactively to new challenges. It allows us to easily incorporate the Agile Scrum methodology into our teams, even with the newest team members. It allows Intech to maintain its position of technical leadership, ensure there is a steady stream of new talent and hence the ability to provide our clients with the skills required for their projects.

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