Before making a decision on outsourcing, a company should spend a significant amount of time investigating the skills and capabilities of a potential partner. The potential partner obviously must have the competencies required to work on a specific project. However, it is just as important that a potential partner show a history of bringing in and developing new skills and capabilities as new tools and development methodologies are established. The potential partner must also demonstrate that they have a plan and methodology to continue to add skills sets as new methods and technologies are introduced.

Intech’s possess one of the deepest and widest accumulations of skill sets and capabilities in the industry. Over the years we have shown our ability to adapt to changes in technologies and development methodologies by adding capabilities such as .Net, Java, iOS and Andriod. By maintaining these competencies Intech is able to meet the needs of a diverse group of client companies. Most importantly though, is that Intech has developed an internal methodology to ensure that it quickly identifies new capabilities that it needs and start the process to obtain these capabilities. The Intech Competence Management Model is specifically designed to make sure Intech is always current with the most advanced technologies.

Intech started out as a telecom engineering company. To this day they have maintained its core competencies in this area. Whether the network you use is PSTN, IP, SIP and mobile, Intech knows them all and knows how to develop customized services and features that work across all technologies. Intech has a deep understanding of all the protocols used within a communications network.

Over the years Intech has also developed a wide and vast level of experience in IT systems and the tools used to develop them. Intech has knowledge on all types of Operating Systems including Linux, Solaris and UNIX. Intech is an Oracle partner but also has significant experience with SQL, Times Ten and Sybase.

Recently, the concept of “Cloud Computing” has gained leverage and acceptance within the market. Intech realized early on that this was going to be the wave of the future and proactively took steps to add .Net and Java based capabilities. So as you consider moving more and more of your services and applications to the Web, Intech is prepared to move with you.

To see a full and detailed list of our competencies and skills visit our Competency and Capabilities page.

Technology and development methodologies are always changing and advancing. As you seek a long term partner to develop an outsourcing arrangement with, you need the confidence to know that the company you choose can adapt and incorporate the ever changing technologies. Since 2002, Intech has a proven track record in developing capabilities as they have entered the marketplace. Through its Competence Management Model, Intech has instituted its commitment to stay current with technology into our day-to-day operations.

Intech is ready to be your partner today and is prepared to support you for years to come.