Intech specializes in providing outsourced services (Nearshore and Offshore) for Telecom & IT solutions for clients such as Telecom Service Providers, Enterprises, Independent Software Vendors, Equipment Manufacturers and Professional Service Companies.

Intech’s purpose is to provide services that enable its clients to focus on their operations and strategic business goals.

Intech offers:

  • Cost savings between twenty and fifty percent in the product development life cycle
  • Reliability, Visibility and Certainty during all the process
  • Time to Market improvement with agile development and frequent deliveries
  • Quality and on time deliverables with highly specialized teams of Software Engineers
  • Flexibility to scale teams up or down with only three months notice
  • Operational control based on a mature quality system, certified processes and best practices
  • A long term partnership, an understanding of our client’s business, assertive communication, full visibility and control.

Why Intech?

Intech offers full life cycle services for turning your business vision into a working product. Intech’s services include knowledge transfer, agile based development and support and maintenance services. Since 2002, Intech has provided its services and experience in the market, as providers to wide world class companies.

Intech’s unique, transparent outsourcing model, Intech Managed Software Development Services (IMSDS) enables its partners to focus on operations of their day-to-day business. IMSDS enables a client to align their development needs with their business objectives. While at the same time delegating the worrisome tasks of development schedules, development team staffing and skill sets to Intech. Since IMSDS provides clients with constant communications, these tasks can be delegated without worrying about performance or the quality being delivered.

The IMSDS model facilitates project set-up in a shorter timeframe than other development methodologies. IMSDS also provides clients with the flexibility to meet their needs. This flexibility is exhibited in Intech’s ability to ramp up from a single development team to potentially several teams or running parallel projects. In no time, Intech becomes part of a client’s business value chain.

Intech believes in being business-agile and harnessing talented human capital, not just driving costs down.

Intech's strong management team ensures clear two-way communications, and ensures that a clients business strategy and work requirements are understood and are successfully developed in your IMSDS organization.

Intech is your best choice for outsource partnering if you are looking to address these challenges:

  • Reducing risks involved in investing in a remote provider. Intech's IMSDS model gives its clients full visibility to everything happening in their development teams on a daily basis from beginning to end.
  • Fulfillment of contracts and SLA agreements. Intech has a strong leadership team, people management system and a unique choice of tools that combined ensure SLA fulfillment. Intech’s objective is to provide its clients with reliability and predictability to create a long-term constructive partnership.
  • Managing performance. Intech is very proactive in analyzing KPIs and metrics as a means of continuously improving our processes and development teams. This allows Intech to establish meaningful team performance baselines in the early phases of development. Using the baselines for comparison Intech then develop strategies to increase performance to reach optimal team efficiency.

With Intech’s IMSDS model its clients will know exactly the added value that their investment is creating for their business.

Intech has the resources and the expertise to take over your projects, so you can keep focused on what is important, your business.