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New and creative ways to generate revenue should be part of every company’s growth plans. Intech has developed and implemented a number of Advanced Services products that can help a communication provider meet these plans. These Products have been designed to work within an IP networking architecture as well as incorporating existing PSTN capabilities. The Products are enabled via Intech’s proprietary Intelligent Network (IN) platforms. Intech’s IN platforms provide the ability to deliver customized configurations that delivery high quality and reduced costs.

Intech’s Advanced Services Products offer operators both premise and cloud based solutions. They are designed to be very easy to install, configure and manage. However, should a client require assistance Intech stands ready to support you with design, implementation and integration services with our Professional Services.

We invite you to investigate our current offerings in the Intech Advanced Service Product portfolio. Additionally, in conjunction with our partners, Intech will soon be offering additional Cloud Based Advanced Services that provide companies a way to deliver new services and grow revenue without having to own the equipment or have a network. Look for future announcements and press releases concerning these new capabilities. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the news from Intech please go to our Contact page and subscribe to our newsletter.

Enterprises are always looking for ways to streamline network architectures and reduce costs. Intech’s IP Centrex/IP Line service is a perfect match for these enterprises. IP Centrex/IP Line is a fully hosted service that provides an enterprise with the capabilities of a top of the line PBX system. Features such as internal dialing plans, automatic call distribution, voice mail, conference calling and many other advanced features that enterprises expect with a traditional PBX are available with Intech’s IP Centrex/IP Line service.

In addition to offering enterprises a full suite of traditional PBX functionality, Intech’s IP Centrex/IP Line also offers the following benefits:

  • No equipment on site to maintain and service
  • Simplified network architecture and lower cost by converging services onto the Data Network
  • The ability to internally manage and support the system through the Intech provided web-based Graphical User Interface Management Portal

Contact Intech today to see how our IP Centrex/IP Line service can help you expand you product portfolio, increase your competitiveness and grow your revenue. Intech – Empowering Clients

Long gone are the days when a particular telephone number was associated with a particular central office and carrier. Numbers are now portable across geography and carriers. It is essential that Service Providers have a LNP capability to ensure that proper call treatment and routing is provided to a portable number.

To support smaller service providers Intech has developed our LNP service to address this need. Using a number of elements in our Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN), such as Soft Switches, Application Servers and Databases, Intech is able to provide its clients with a high performance and cost effective solution.

If you are considering changing your current LNP architecture or are looking to implement an initial solution contact Intech today. We have been a leader in LNP services for many years and look forward to discussing a solution with you. Intech – Empowering Clients

Over the past few years mobile phones have become an increasingly important part of a company’s strategy to communicate with existing and potential clients. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through Short Messaging Services (SMS). SMS provides an enterprise with the ability to immediately connect with someone and deliver a message. The intent of the messages delivered by SMS is limited only by the creativity of the sender. Some of the more popular applications are delivery of coupons, announcements and appointment reminders.

Some of the advantages of SMS delivery versus traditional email or direct marketing methods are:

  • SMS allows you specifically define the time of the communication.
  • 96% of SMS messages are open by the recipient within 5 minutes of it being sent.
  • The ability to customize the message based upon demographics such as age, sex and location.

Intech’s Mobile Publicity service is just what businesses need to participate in this marketing trend with their clients. Our cloud based service allows our clients to easily manage their campaigns and to build and maintain their client database. Contact Intech today to see how you can take advantage of our Mobile Publicity service to build a better relationship with your customers and grow your revenue. Intech – Empowering Clients

Enterprises are always looking for ways to interact with clients and provide customer service without having to staff a huge call center. To do this properly a business needs a powerful and flexible system that provides the end client with valuable information that enhance the interaction experience. Intech’s Net Media Server (Net MS) service is the solution.

Net MS is an intelligent network element designed to interact with the user through audio reproduction, the gathering of digits, and recordings. The Net MS platform comes with a number of different modules:

  • SIP IVR Interface, The SIP IVR Interface is run off a powerful media server that is capable of playing recordings, gathering digits and recording audio. This powerful combination allows for the implementation of functions such as tele-voting, surveys, prepaid services and many other features.
  • IVR Menu, The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows a company to develop customized welcome information and dial through options. The IVR also permits for the playing of audio files to provide educational, commercial or advertising messages.
  • Conferencing Services, Our conferencing features allows multiple parties to participate in simultaneous conversations. Our system support both voice and video conferencing. The Conferencing system is flexible enough to be able to integrate with IP and PSTN systems.

The Intech Net MS service is managed and administered through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is extremely easy to use and requires no in-depth technical knowledge. The GUI gives clients the ability to generate their own custom services and applications and to make modifications quickly and easily.

Intech’s Net MS is just what businesses are looking for to provide high quality and reliable functionality in a call center environment. Contact Intech to learn more about Net MS. Intech – Empowering Clients

As companies begin to look at migrating to a VoIP environment there are myriad things to consider. Investment in existing communications equipment, location of existing offices, contracts for existing services all play a factor in how quickly a company can migrate to a full VoIP solution. Intech’s Net PBX Plug and Play can help companies make this migration in an efficient manner over a period of time.

Net PBX Plug and Play is an easily installed and administered application that can be loaded onto a sufficiently powered PC or server. Net PBX Plug and Play offers a business with the full range of PBX features with high quality and lower cost. One of the best features in Net PBX is that it allows you to run a hybrid system incorporating existing conventional telephone lines with new IP lines.

Net PBX is easily administered via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This saves company money by not having to rely on external companies or the original manufacturer for administrative services. The GUI is designed to allow three levels of access to functionality: administrator, operator and end user. This allows the system owner to distribute certain non system impacting abilities, such as a voice mail password change, down to the end user. This reduces the time your technical administrator will have to spend on non-technical items.

Contact Intech’s to understand how Net PBX Plug and Play is a perfect match for companies looking to save money and have a highly reliable system while making a migration to a pure VoIP environment. Intech – Empowering Clients

One of the major costs associated with any phone system is the cost of the actual phone sets. Generally these sets are placed at every employee desk and in common areas such as lobbies and conference rooms. To help solve this problem Intech has developed its own Softphone service.

Softphone is a software application that is installed in a PC and provides the user with the same functionality as a phone set. Why incur the expense for phone sets when every user already has a PC on their desk? Intech – Empowering Clients