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Intech’s Professional Services are a suite of products that allow a client to fill a gap in skill levels they may be experiencing in their business. Intech’s Professional Services are highly specialized offerings that allow clients to utilize the talent that Intech possesses in these areas. These services are designed to help a client fill a capability gap without having to incur the expense of acquiring the talent themselves.

There are a number of different ways that our clients have utilized our Professional Services. BroadSoft has contracted with Intech to provide our Telecommunications Engineering Services. Intech currently does engineering, design, installation and implementation of all BroadSoft installations in CALA. This has allowed BroadSoft to expand their business into the CALA region without having to spend a significant investment in creating their own capabilities in this critical and geographically large territory.

Many clients have availed themselves of our Custom Development services. Unlike IMSDS, where a client has a long term need for development teams, our Custom Development service is provided to a client on a project by project basis to address specialized development needs they have. Intech has developed a number of different applications in this area such as migration applications, advanced Intelligent Network solutions and customization of standard platforms. Our Custom Development services have allowed our clients to save a significant amount of money and to generate new products that allow them to differentiate themselves in their market and to grow revenues.

Intech offers our Professional Services in areas of IT, Telecom, Process Development, Training and Operations. Intech has the technically trained and certified staff to support you when you need specialized capabilities. So whether you are looking for full cycle Engineering/Product Development capabilities or have a need for more specialized services Intech has the capabilities to meet your needs. Read on to find learn more about our Professional Services and how they are the right solution for you to fill skill gaps within your company. Intech – Empowering Clients.

Intech started as a company focused in developing Telecom services. It is our legacy and our foundation. Intech’s Telecom Engineering Service provides clients with access to our significant experience in engineering Voice, Intelligent and Data Networks. Over the years these three networks have converged and they all play a role in many services offered today. What has never changed is the need for these networks to operate efficiently, interoperate with each other, be able to provisioned and managed and to be able to generate an invoice.

Intech’s Telecom Engineering Services provides clients with a total end-to-end development solution to their needs. Specifically, Intech is fully capable of providing a full range on Telecom Engineering Services to its clients in the following areas:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Integration and Deployment
  • Testing
  • Consulting Services
  • Migration Services
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

A great example of Intech’s Telecom Engineering Services is our relationship with BroadSoft. For the last 4 years, Intech has provided engineering, design, installation and implementation of all BroadSoft installations in the CALA (Central America and Latin America) region. This has allowed BroadSoft to expand their business into the CALA region without having to spend a significant investment in creating their own capabilities in this critical and geographically large territory.

Intech’s founding partners were also the creators of Ericsson’s Center for Adaptation of Intelligent Networks in the 1990’s. The Center for Adaptation of Intelligent Networks sole focus was to provide customized products and features on Ericsson’s standard platforms. Customized Development was one of the first capabilities that Intech established when the company was founded in 2002. The founding partners understood the importance of customization and how it allows a company to differentiate itself in a market.

When developing a customized solution, Intech’s objective is to provide the customer with the capability to activate, configure, and manage all the resources of the application. It is essential to fully integrate the various components used in the delivery of a service to ensure any modifications to call control are apparent to the network in near real time, that problems are identified quickly and are able to be resolved and that the customized service can be billed.

Some examples of the applications that have been developed in the Customized Development area are:

  • Screening applications for 800 and 900 services
  • Pre and Post Paid Applications
  • IP Centrex and PBX Applications
  • IVR/Voicemail Applications
  • SMS Services
  • Tele-voting services

Developing customized services is a great way for a business to stand out in the market and deliver additional revenue. Call Intech today to discuss your idea with us and to learn how we can assist you with our Customized Development Service. Intech – Empowering Clients

Intech has considerable experience and knowledge in providing daily operations and maintenance support for a number of large systems used in Voice, Intelligent and Data Networks. Our Operational Support service efficiently maintains the operation of a platform, ensuring optimal performance and high service availability. Should problems arise we will perform tests and analysis and provide a solution to any issues.

Intech has a number of PMI certified Project Managers who have the talent and experience to lead projects both large and small. Having delivered over 50 projects throughout the world, Intech’s Project Managers have the capabilities to lead a project to a successful, on-time and on-budget completion.

Intech’s success relies on always having highly trained team members that are continually enhancing their knowledge and skills. To ensure our success we have developed our own, very unique, Competence Management System. This comprehensive System addresses all areas of professional development and incorporates the results into each team member’s performance evaluation. Our Competence Compliance Manager is available to assist your organization in developing your own system.

Intech is a certified Agile Scrum practitioner. We use the Agile Scrum methodology throughout our organization; particularly, within our Intech Managed Software Development Service (IMSDS) teams. Our in-depth knowledge and years of practical experience implementing Agile Scrum give us unique experience and perspective on the methodology. Intech can work with you to understand and implement the Agile Scrum methodology within your internal organizations.